Happy Pregnancy

                I had a healthy and happy pregnancy. My husband was always there to support me emotionally, financially and most of all showered me with unconditional love. I know it wouldn’t be that easy to cope with my morning sickness, mood swings and unending cravings throughout the day if my hubby wasn’t there by my side.

                 I remember during the time we went home to Davao to visit my parents. It was raining, strong wind and very cold. Then I craved for everyone’s all time favourite in Davao, the famous Durian. It was past eight in the evening and it was impossible to look for stores that were still open especially with the bad weather. So I tried to control my cravings for Durian, I tried to eat several food at dinner but still my little pumpkin inside continued asking for Durian. It’s like my mind was saying, “Durian, Durian, Durian!”Obviously, I failed to control myself, I grabbed my phone and texted my hubby, who was in the coffee shop catching up with his friends. Hence, even if my conscience was saying, “It’s raining, he might get sick!” I still continued typing the text message, “Dear, I want Durian...” So without hesitation, I sent the message.  Few seconds later, he replied, “Sure Dear!”

                I feel so loved that he hurriedly drove and looked for some Durian in the city. So after about 30 minutes, I had my Durian delivered by my hubby!



  1. Your husband is so sweet! I love the selfie. You look gorgeous and you carry yourself well.

  2. it's nice to hear about your happy and healthy pregnancy..you should always be happy not only for yourself but also for that unborn baby...he/she needs to be love and feel love in order for her/him to develop beautifully....

  3. You look gorgeous being preggy! It's great when your hisband is there to support you all though the preganancy.

  4. So sweet naman ng hubby mo. The last time na maglihi ang misis ko. she wanted lanzones.. eh off-season yun. Sus, umabot pa ako ng San Andres Market just to buy her a kilo.


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