Are you feeling stressed out, bored of the monotonous work and always not in your best mood? Why not break the routine and go on a vacation? You need time to relax, recharge and reflect! Forget about the hassles of the day and even just for a while, stop chasing deadlines for submission of reports. Leave it all behind!

It is not good to keep on working and worrying about struggles in life. It will only make you sick and miserable. Or worse, you will just notice that one day, you are already unproductive and no longer producing quality results. So have a break, pack up and try to visit the City of Smiles!

This is exactly what I did few days ago. I went to Bacolod which is an hour away from Iloilo City by ferryboat. Without a second thought, I stayed in deluxe room in Circle Inn Hotel & Suites in Bacolod.

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The deluxe room has veranda and direct pool access where I had a relaxing dip while sipping a glass of chocolate milkshake.

I really enjoyed my room because aside from the comfort it gives, it also offers a lot of amenities that made my stay more memorable. Some of which are the free high speed WIFI internet access, ref and mini- bar with free self- service coffee and tea, and their queen size bed with high- end beddings and duvet blankets.

They offered a savoury international cuisine at a very reasonable price. And also serves smoothies, coffee blends, ice creams and cakes in their coffee shop.

Breaded Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce


Moist Chocolate Cake

I had a great experience staying in this hotel. Indeed, they are one of the quietest and spacious hotels in the City of Smiles. They gave me the perfect amount of rest and relaxation to start working again.


  1. Oh am geeee! You made me drool with that carbonara and chocolate cake. Gotta go have an early lunch, hahaha!

  2. I've only been in Bacolod once and it was a very quick visit. I'm looking forward to going back and would definitely consider staying at this hotel.

  3. This place truly look relaxing and comfortable.

  4. If i have the means then, having a retreat in such a nice hotel just like you mentioned above is great.