Breastfeeding conversation with Mommy Bea

Me: Hi mommy! Congratulations on your new baby boy.

How’s your breastfeeding experience   with baby Ethan?

Mommy Bea: Oh! I am very worried and already fed up because since I gave birth last 2 days ago, I noticed that my milk supply is very low. I think it doesn’t make him full and satisfied.                       Therefore, I am now entertaining the thought that I will feed him with formula milk. I have no             choice since my milk is not enough to feed my baby. I am afraid that he might get hungry                    which I think is the reason why he keeps on crying all the time.


Me: I understand how you feel right now but please trust me; you are doing a great job with     breastfeeding baby Ethan.

When I gave birth to my first born, Caeden Shan, I was also tempted to grab the formula milk             because he kept on crying and he even doesn’t sleep longer. So I really thought that maybe he is          hungry due to my low milk supply. But thanks to my mother-in-law who discouraged me on                feeding Caeden with formula milk. My mother-in-law explained to me that during the first week          old of a baby, it is really normal that every mother has a few amount of milk. This is because our        milk production is like supply and demand. Our baby on his first week old, doesn’t suck all the           time or maybe some does but they easily get full even if we have few supply of milk. Why? This         is because; according to experts, infants have a very small stomach and they will not get hungry         easily because they are still packed with nutrients from our belly.  

 Now, as I have said, milk production is like supply and demand. It means that, the more our infant      sucks on our breast, the more milk we produce. So, if we let our infant sleep with their mouth still      sucked on our breast, we will be producing more milk later on. This is because, every time our            baby sucks, it gives a signal to our body to produce milk.

Mommy Bea: I feel so relieved on listening to your experience. So, I must not worry and continue on breastfeeding my baby Ethan.

Me: Yes! Never give up on breastfeeding. Always remember that it is really hard to establish our milk supply but once we have established it, we will appreciate the bonding we have with our baby. Moreover, there is no other BEST MILK for our babies, it is only our BREAST MILK.
Breastfeeding our babies, is the ULTIMATE and EVERLASTING gift we can ever give to them.

Mommy Bea: But wait, can you please teach me, “how to increase milk supply”?

Me: Of course! It is my pleasure to share to you my knowledge on increasing milk supply. But for now, please stick to the idea of “SUPPLY and DEMAND”. The more baby Ethan sucks on your breast, the more milk you will have.

Mommy Bea: Okay Mommy She! I will do that!