Are you wondering how other moms are getting by on their breastfeeding journey? We all know that breastfeeding demands our time and needs a lot of effort in order to successfully last. Making our babies latch on our breast regularly are sometimes not enough in order to prolong our abundant milk supply. There is more to letting our babies latch on our breast. We also have to consider several factors such as the food we eat and the environment we are into.
Malunggay Powder

Based on my personal experience, what I eat is a big factor on keeping my baby healthy and active. Right after I gave birth to my second son and was still recovering in the hospital; I did request a bowl of Malunggay soup to boost my breast milk. I actually did the same with my first born son. I took Malunggay supplements before and continued after giving birth. This helped me have an earlier onset of milk and a greater volume of it. Also it helps me become healthier as it is seven times more vitamin C than oranges, four times more calcium than milk, two times more protein that milk, four times more Vitamin A than carrots and three times more calcium than bananas. This explains how Malunggay benefits new mothers. It will surely help us boost our immune system and will ensure that our own resources are not being depleted by breastfeeding. As they say and I can really attest that a healthy mother is more likely to sustain milk production over a period of time.

Now, as a mother of two cute and very active little boys, I know how much we need to have a very positive and relaxing environment. Kindly try staying in a less stress environment while you are breastfeeding your baby. You will feel relieved and very relaxed while carrying your little one in your arms.

Actually, the same goes while you are expressing your breast milk. If your pump in a public place where you are very conscious on the people around you, you will pump less breast milk unlike if you do it in a breastfeeding room with a good ambiance with few mothers surrounding you and with a quiet environment, you can pump like more than 8 oz. per session.

Hey Mommas, as what I have said in my previous blog posts, always ensure that both you and your little one are healthy and happy while doing your breastfeeding journey. Remember, breastfeeding journey must be a happy and memorable experience for both of you.

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