Here’s my Honda, my friend my protection. His name is Diet. It took me for about two months to finally bring diet with me in the office. Yes, it’s really true that driving isn't that easy. You really need to be passionate on learning the basics of driving manual before you can finally move. But luckily, diet is an automatic car where I can easily hang out with because you only have to step on the break and the gas pedals.

    At first bonding with diet wasn't that fun because I got sweaty hands and my heart beats so fast. Indeed driving diet is a little bit stressful so I opt to take a cab instead of bringing diet with me. Well, that was back then when I just use diet when I needed him. Imagine, I never wash him, I never wipe his mirrors… instead I asked someone to do that for me. But suddenly I realized that I must learn to know diet first so that I’ll have fun on hanging out with him. So there came a sunny Sunday where I do washed and cleaned diet on my own. It was really fun!!! After seeing him clean and shiny, it made me feel so proud of myself. Then that was the day where I learned to love diet… After doing such, I tried to drive him out the house. We roamed around the village. I get to feel what diet felt… I knew then he was also scared. I knew then that I must be the one who should be brave for both of us to be safe. From now on, I drive with confidence. I drive with passion. Well, I just realize that driving isn't that hard if you are persistent on doing it. The key to driving is to be calm and to be confident enough! Happy driving everyone!


  1. I just got my first car in France too. Unfortunately, hubby doesn't want me to get comfy with an automatic car. He wants me to master a stick shift first before I get an automatic car. Finally, my driver's license that's been sleeping since 2010 will be put to use. hehehe Too hard to be calm when there are two screaming passengers behind me. heheh

    1. hahaha! That's true! It's hard to concentrate on driving if the passengers are scared :) It will disturb the driver.