A study conducted regarding on what variables attract shoppers to a mall. This study helps the shopping malls on how to position their retailing strategies. The positioning strategy is based from the shopping habits and demographic characteristics of shoppers. The five major malls in Davao City, namely: Gaisano Mall of Davao, Gaisano South Citimall, NCCC Mall of Davao, SM City Davao, and Victoria Plaza are the malls used in the study for investigation.
There were 200 respondents who were equally apportioned across the five malls. The study was conducted on a randomly selection of shoppers during weekdays and weekends by the interviewers who positioned themselves randomly at selected mall entrances, intercepting the incoming shoppers for an interview. The survey questionnaire is given to shoppers of age between 15- 70 years old. The content of the questionnaire focuses on the shoppers’ demographic characteristics and preferences of malls. The respondents turned out to represent all socioeconomic classes in the range of A to E where in the dominant respondents are from classes of C and D.  The demographic characteristics showed that most were in their late teens and mid twenties, the majority was single and the dominant is female. Also, the respondents were highly educated, either college students or college graduates. Base from the study, SM City Davao was ranked as number one in mall atmospherics, service, promotion and entertainment. While NCCC Mall of Davao was number one in price and product mix and Gaisano Mall of Davao was number one in accessibility but this lead was slim. The facts presented showed that NCCC Mall of Davao was a close rival to SM City Davao on all categories. And it is expected that shopping will be most heavy during late afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, and Wednesday.

                The respondents were clustered into 3 groups. Cluster 1 is the group of shoppers labeled as Traditional Shoppers who valued price, store smell, and retail space (density). Cluster 2 shoppers were labeled as Destination Shoppers who valued product (product mix and service) and convenience (accessibility and comfort). Lastly, the Cluster 3 shoppers who were labeled as Enthusiastic Shoppers gave value to mall essentials (aesthetic, comfort and promotion) and entertainment. Although cluster 3 shoppers primarily valued aesthetics, promotion and entertainment, they also secondarily considered price, product, and convenience the same as for clusters 1 and 2. Thus mall operators should not necessarily be satisfied about serving those shoppers who have few factors that are valued. Furthermore, the ideal focus of SM City Davao in the market is Clusters 2 and 3; NCCC focuses on clusters 1 and 2 same as Gaisano Mall of Davao. While Gaisano South Citimall and Victoria Plaza still doesn’t have a specific market thus they have to decide on their respective positioning so as to prevent them from being “stuck in the middle” with no clear positioning and no strong viability in the long run.             


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