Everyone dreams of finding a magic lamp with a genie inside, and here I am so lucky to have a genie popped out in front of me. I feel pressured and overwhelmed but I have to think clearly of three things that are worth living in my entire life. This is just once in a lifetime opportunity and I must be wise on choosing the three wishes. There were so many wishes came into my mind but I have to narrow it down. After an hour of writing down my wishes, I finally chose three best wishes.
Honestly, I first think of money. I wanted to have billions of money to buy all my wants and to travel around the world but then I realized that money will disappear. Thus, I think of something that will be for eternal and will truly make me happy. Then I realize that my family is my life. Hence my first two wishes are related for my family.

    First, I’ll wish for a happy marriage. I believe that happiness in marriage is as essential as food is for hunger. It is actually a therapy for a stressful day at work and for other problems encountered. This is because when you are happy, you are less sensitive to problems, you are not easily affected and you are always positive. Hence, problems are easier to handle. What makes you happy? It is because you know that someone is always there for you, so no reason to be scared of. You will feel that everything is possible. You are not scared of committing mistakes and facing failures because someone will rescue you. Therefore, having a happy marriage will make me live my life to the fullest!

    Second, I’ll wish of having a baby because it is truly a blessing for me and my husband. Even though we know that having a baby will somehow bring some changes in our lives as married couple such as having more pressure and responsibility than ever before and lose every ounce of privacy we have, we still dream of having one because the baby will make us experience a whole new kind of love that will enrich our lives. Also, I believe that a baby will make our relationship stronger because that baby will always remind us our love for each other.

    My third wish is for myself and that is to have my own business. Ever since I was young, I dream to manage my own restaurant. I know that I will be a good business woman because I have prepared this for my entire life. I became an Industrial Engineer to know the details of business and also took a Masters of Business Administration in order to enhance my skills in handling customers. Indeed, fulfilling this dream makes me say, “I am successful!”