Many coconut macaroons are readily available in neighborhood supermarket. They are packed and give you convenience in bringing it anywhere you go and could last for more than a week. But those coconut macaroons are not the ones I’ve been craving for. I prefer the mini Filipino style coconut macaroons. They are denser and have a cake-like texture. Although the commercialized coconut macaroons are also sweet, soft and chewy, this Filipino version is more favored by my taste.


        I usually see these mini Filipino coconut macaroons in parties, most likely in children parties. Well, those were during my childhood days where I get to attend my friends’ birthday celebrations. These mini macaroons were never missed in every dessert’s table. Actually, as I noticed, this is the first sweets that will be finished by guests not later than an hour. They all love this! Well, we all love mini macaroons.

        I actually thought of trying to make coconut macaroons several times because I love making non-baked desserts, but when I checked for its recipe, it looks hard for me since it calls for baking. Those days, I am allergy on desserts that need baking because I don’t know how to do it. I even don’t know how to operate an oven. Hence, I didn’t mind on making one.

       Now that I know how to bake, I suddenly remembered this sweet mini dessert and I am convinced to make one since I have been baking several desserts already.  Thus, I bought desiccated coconut in SM supermarket. I felt so lucky to spot my favorite mini dessert’s recipe was in the packaging it. As I checked the ingredients, they were very easy to find. Actually it only asked for butter, sweetened condensed milk, eggs and desiccated coconut.

       As you have noticed, it doesn’t have flour in its recipe, well I like this better because those macaroons with flour will be cake-like and less dense but still good if you prefer cakey macaroon. The one without flour will be crumbly and moist. Since I prefer moist macaroons, I chose not to add flour in it.

         These Filipino coconut macaroons will surely be loved by your family! You may store this in an airtight container and place inside the refrigerator for a week.