Crazy Rich Asians

Do you want to know what Crazy Rich Asians Movie is all about? Well, you clicked the right site because I will be a spoiler (forgive me). But don’t worry; I will just give you a hint of what you will expect on Crazy Rich Asians movie. So, I can say that this is a fairytale movie where the handsome man is chasing after the pretty girl on an airplane that is about to take off. He proposes, and they have a happily ever after. Let’s be realistic here, in real life the drama never stops and family issues will always be a factor in any relationship. True love has no price tag and I’m happy that this film portrays that, even through the thick and thin of intimating motherly figures.

But why did I leave the theatre crying? I don’t even know why I cried. Maybe because I felt sad for Rachel Chu and sometimes I am happy for her. Oh yes, I really had a rollercoaster emotions while watching the movie. I have witnessed the challenges of a lower class woman who is falling in love with a rich man. I also realized how Asian moms love their sons very much, the typical mom who will always and forever want the best for their son. This includes finding the best daughter in law which means a woman that has the same status with them or even greater. As the movie showed, Rachel Chu has experienced what every girl’s worst nightmare is, being told that they are “not good enough”, (Ouch! That really hurts).

Another dialogue that blew me hard was along the line of, “When it comes to family, you don’t need to say thank you.” This is a deep message about the Asians’ culture when it comes to family. Crazy Rich Asians movie really portrayed that the ultimate duty of every Asian is to do anything for the family.

So if you are a person who loves romance, Crazy Rich Asians is a must watch movie for you! You will surely fall in love, cry, laugh and wake up in the reality of life.