Getting Busy? Have your breakfast…

These days have been busy for me.  I have errands from the office, masters and my favorite hobby, blogging, which I have to put in place before the day ends. These three major things that I have to deal everyday make me alive! Well, that is the good thing of being busy. I don’t have idle time to entertain my petty problems, notice others mistake and shop on online sale and pick expensive stuffs. In this way,

The GAME of Easy MONEY!!!

    Easy money, as what they say. In real estate, being a broker only needs an investment of your expertise in public relations. These are the people who stand as the public face of the company which is really good in persuading clients to purchase the product they are selling or the services they offer. They are the people labeled as the life of the party.

Stressed? Tired? Confused? then take a short PAUSE

Take a short PAUSE to have more PEACE…     

    We are used to the fast moving and quite complicated world. We usually transfer from one place to another, from one task to the next and continue on moving until we are restless. We easily go with the flow of things until we end-up feeling lost, tired and later on quit.