These days have been busy for me.  I have errands from the office, masters and my favorite hobby, blogging, which I have to put in place before the day ends. These three major things that I have to deal everyday make me alive! Well, that is the good thing of being busy. I don’t have idle time to entertain my petty problems, notice others mistake and shop on online sale and pick expensive stuffs. In this way,
I have fewer worries, I have less fears and I save money. I just keep on going and going that I haven’t notice the time.  Just until I realize, I still didn't have my meal for the day. I feel hungry and dizzy that absolutely makes me sick!

Being busy is good if you’re effective but if you just keep on working from one task to another task and pile up errors then that is no longer efficient especially if you starve yourself just to finish your work. Remember that we need energy to think and to work. We can’t work properly if we don’t eat our meals on time. But of course, it is possible that you cannot anticipate when you are going to have lots of clients, phone calls and paper works that will make you extremely busy and skip your lunch. I am guilty to this. I most often forget my lunch until I feel hungry. Working with my empty stomach makes me commit more error and makes me repeat my task over and over again. Hence, in order for me to get ready to face lots of work, I make sure that I have a healthy breakfast. So when worse comes to worst that I will have unexpected meetings or tasks, I won’t worry on having late lunch because I had an early power meal. But of course, it is still not good to practice having late lunch. We should always have our meals on time. And the most important meal of the day is Breakfast! This will boost your energy for the whole day at work!


  1. True, the busier you are the better. It's productive and it keeps your mind going. That is me basically lol.

  2. It is not wise to skip meals. We need the energy from food to keep us going and make us productive at home and at work. Take care of yourself, sis!

  3. agree.. getting busy lets you forget petty problems and you'll have no time to see the mistakes of others.. thus, at times you even forget to give your self a good meal. So its a sign for you to halt in a while and check things if it's getting right. Right, take care of yourself too.