Being Successful is not as HARD as you think...

READ IT and your chances of success may even go UP!


    I highly recommend everyone to read this book who teaches us about success. "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell reveals the reality that being successful doesn't totally mean that we have to be the brightest nor we have to produce the best decisions and give a lot of efforts rather success is a gift. Outliers are those people who have given opportunities and who have had the confidence and presence of mind to seize them thus it made them successful.

    What really sink in my mind after reading this book is that, your personality or your being as a person really depends on your environment. If your environment is not healthy then it will also reflect on you. For example, if you spend time with people who lie, cheat and steal, then it’s inevitable that you will too. Well, it is the same as the saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Applying it to myself, I want to make myself savvy in brokerage arena to learn the secrets on how to sell lots to prospect buyers, gain more income and be known as an expert on real estate then I must go spend my time with someone who already had a name in the brokerage arena. It is also like when you spend time with successful people then most likely you will be successful too because you are adapting their strategies especially learning the attitude of success.

    The book “Outliers” is of great help especially to those that have already exhausted their patience and hope on searching for the true meaning of success or perhaps who from the start have already lost their anticipation that they will never succeed because of wrong thinking. The book, teaches every person that success is of hard work. It is something that must be given a priority and full attention. Yes, others especially those children born in a wealthy family have already an edge to be successful but if they will not be wise on utilizing their time, they will end up failure. As stated in the 10,000 hour rule, one can perfect something by having a thorough practice, so if even if you are already a lawyer yet you do not practice your profession seriously then you will not become as good as Joe Flom.

    Well apart from the fact that success are not self-made because it is a product of history and community, of opportunity and legacy, success is also loving the things that we are doing since we really can’t do the 10,000 hour rule to perfect things if we do not have our heart on it. For example, if your parents wanted you to become an engineer but if your interest is into fashion then it is expected that you will never be a successful engineer because you will be spending your time more on knowing the latest trends of dress, cosmetics and shoes. Well there will be a chance that you will become an engineer but this will be lesser especially if you will start to encounter challenges along the way like the challenge of studying mathematics. It will of course be hard for you to continue doing things that doesn't excite you. But this fact of life will be twisted if you have the patience to achieve your goal of following your parents will. It is just like the Renee who was a nurse and really doesn't have interest in mathematics. But because of her eagerness to solve the problem, she successfully solved the math problem. She had her determination and patience on giving her focus on it. It is like learning to love things for you to be successful. Being successful doesn't mean that you will not attain it if you never like what you are doing, it means learning how to love it.  Furthermore, achieving success in life is also having an attitude of hard work, patience and perseverance.


  1. If you have the means and resources, I would say that it is not hard but if you don't, it is possible but hard.

  2. I would say when you work hard, you get successful and aim for your goal.

  3. You just gave me an idea what to give myself this Christmas. I love self-help books, and I know I'll learn a lot from reading Outliers. Thanks for sharing, sis!

    1. Yes sis! After reading this book, it somehow changed the way I look at success and it helped me reach my goals in life. This book will give you the right attitude for you to be successful :)