This is how I look during the launching of our PONTE VERDE DAVAO project held at SMX Lanang, Davao City. I wore this body hugging black dress, with a gloomy look make-up and a messy hairstyle. My get up was paired with a shining diamond accessory, a golden bracelet and a black high heel shoes.
With that aura, a lot of our agents and clients told me about how I look fabulous and stunning that night. Well, I should look that great since I am the project coordinator of PONTE VERDE and it was expected that I’ll get to entertain many clients… But even how busy I am that night, I still maintained my poise and always wear a smile on my face. Really, being pretty is being confident on how you look, you walk and most especially on how you talk. And it was really proven that looks is an advantage when you are in sales. So with that looks I had that night, we luckily booked more lots! It was indeed a great night for everybody!