Do you believe in miracle? Are you longing that one day, someone who is already dead will call you? What if they do? What would you feel? Will you tell everybody that a miracle has just happened to you? Or will you just keep it in yourself and live your life always waiting for that someone to call back? This sounds strange but this has really happened in a small town of Coldwater, Michigan. Several people kept on receiving a call from heaven which happens every Friday. As news spreads, outsiders immediately drove to Coldwater to be part of this miracle.

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Even though thousands of people were hoping that they will also receive a call from their departed loved ones, there were also doubters who were eager to know the truth. Sully Harding, who is still struggling for the loss of his wife, did an investigation about these strange calls from heaven. He is terrified that his little boy carries a toy phone, hoping to also hear his mother’s voice in heaven. This made Sully determined in proving that this strange calls were just a trick from someone who is crazy. But is this really a cruel hoax? What if Sully Harding will also receive a call from heaven?
This book would let us know how much we would miss a dead loved one and how much we are willing to extend an extra mile just to hear their voice again.


  1. It looks like a very inspirational book to read and learn more about life and how to embrace each miracles we will encounter. Yes! I do believe in miracles.

  2. That would be so nice if I could talk to my father one more time through a phone call, that would be really a miracle!

  3. I don't know exactly what I am going to feel if I'll receive a call from my late husband. But I think I would like to know how he's doing. :) I would like to read this book.