Phuket is Thailand's largest Island.

My husband and I chose to spend our honeymoon in Phuket because we wanted to do island hopping around the bay and would like to experience the traditional floating lanterns called krathong.

I can say that Phuket is paradise because it made us relaxed, got to see breathtaking sceneries, experienced the cold sea breeze and enjoyed reggae songs while sitting along the seashore and having a glass of the best thai wine in town.


The food was great especially the after taste of herbs.

Pock fried with Garlic

Tom Kha Seafood

I can never compare the thai massage we had which relieved our stress and soothed sore muscles after our long day.

But the most memorable experience we had was to witness the number 1 show in Thailand, The Phuket Fantasea Show. The show was superb! Yet we were not able to get some photos because gadgets were prohibited.

If you are planning to visit Phuket, you must try Kayaking around Pha Nga Bay. You will be mesmerized by the mysterious top-heavy totems look as if one well-aimed rock would send them toppling like skittles into Andaman Sea. 

                             photo link

The memories I had in Phuket, Thailand became my therapy every time I feel sad because it is indeed one of my happy thoughts.

Now, if you and your loved one is thinking of where to go, Phuket is the top on the list vacation place. There are numerous things to do in Phuket that you will enjoy together. Try to visit this site, http://www.phuket.com/island/10mustsee.htm, for more choices. 

Have a great time roaming around one of the hottest playgrounds of Southeast Asia!


  1. LIngaw lagi ng elephant nagsayaw sayaw..

    1. Hahaha! Yes elephants were dancing. You will be mesmerized because you can see in the show na very well trained sila. They were even walking inside the theater and noticed them standing beside you or at your back. Seeing them in person makes you feels scared because they are very BIG :)

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