What will you feel when you suddenly woke up in a metal box with no memory of who you are? The only thing you remember is your name and nothing more. Then suddenly, the metal box opened and you hear a bunch of boys saying weird things… How scared will you feel? What will you do? Perhaps you’ll wish you would wake up from this terrible dream.


    This is a story of teenage boys living on a type of farm surrounded by very high walls. Beyond the walls is a massive Maze occupied with monsters, the Grievers. Every 30 days, a new boy arrives in the community and remembering nothing. But the original group has been in the community for 3 years already and trying to figure out how to escape through the maze. They have done all the possible ways like climbing up the wall but they all failed. So after years of trying, the boys started losing their hope and some of them already accepted the fact that they belong to the maze forever. But all of this was changed after the arrival of the boy named Thomas.

   Thomas with a faith that “wicked is good” emerged in the community and started to change the way how teenage guys live and think. Thomas influenced them that they doesn’t belong to the maze and must find their way out.

   Everything was a test! You were just part of the experiment…  Indeed, after reading the book, you will feel the anger in your heart. You will feel what those teenage guys felt after knowing that somebody’s behind all their fears and sufferings. After years of living without remembering anything, you found out that you have been watched and observed throughout your stay in a completely enclosed environment.

A must read book! Full of surprises! Very exciting :) 


  1. This looks like a very exciting book to read. I hope I can do more quiet reading. I really miss it.

  2. Scary but interesting. When I get my new Kindle Fire, I will buy this book. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such an an interesting plot, reminds me of the movie we watched some time ago.