It was a lazy Wednesday afternoon. My baby Caeden is sleeping and I have already done my favorite past time, blogging. I was thinking of how else I can utilize my time aside from reading books. Well, the next in line is my favorite hobby of all time, baking! Yes, I will have a date with my wondrous oven. Thus, I thought of a delight that is best paired with coffee.

                 I suddenly remembered the caramel sauce recipe I had in my previous baking class.  So, what might be a good delight glazed with caramel sauce? I scanned my new recipe book but haven’t found a perfect one. Hence, I considered making another kind of cake that has not yet been tasted by my family.

                `I checked my pantry for the available ingredients. I found a cake flour, baking powder, fresh eggs, fresh milk and refined sugar that actually filled in the ingredients for a chiffon cake. There I decided to make one. Then after baking my chiffon cake, I looked for something that will go with my caramel sauce. And I was lucky to find a box of milk chocolate which was a perfect match for my caramel sauce.

                As I was about to start, I felt anxious because I will do again the difficult part in making caramel sauce, the heating up of syrup with the sugar. Well for me it is quite challenging since I do not want to overcook the mixture as it will taste bitter and when exposed to air, it will turn very sticky and hard to bite. So I have to be very cautious while doing it. Actually, the hint in caramelizing is to place the heavy saucepan over a low heat in order for the sugar to melt slowly and perfectly. Therefore, while following this hint you will surely make it right just like what I did! I certainly came up with a good tasting caramel sauce for my chiffon base cake but you may also try making either vanilla or mocha.

                This was absolutely a perfect partner for my brewed coffee. The frosting which was a combination of caramel sauce and milk chocolate chips wasn’t overly sweet. It tastes like a cross between caramel and custard. Just like the taste of leche flan or crème caramel.



  1. Ay ang sarap nyan. Thr bad thing, I have to stay away muna sa sweets.

  2. those look really good, like you i love to bake too, especially during winter as i like to make my kitchen smells what i baked as well as to keep it warm too.

  3. Your Chocolate Caramel Meringue Cake sure looks delish! I want a slice, please!

  4. Wow! The cake looks tasty enough to eat. I want to have a slice of it.