“It’s so smoky in here; it’s like someone set off a bomb,” this is one of the lines I like the most throughout the story. It awakened my imagination and started going into the extraordinary scenes. It made me experience the so called “Mind Dimension”!

                Miri’s gift of mind dimension made the whole story interesting. Through this gift, she was able to examine herself from all angles and can even magnify her life’s insecurities which made her able to stop time. However, the moment she stops time, she is becoming powerless since she can’t change anything in the real world. Also, it made her access memories even of other people but cannot go far enough. Nevertheless, this gift made her replay the incident of her life that made her indifferent. She turned out to be a girl who doesn’t believe in soul, God and goodness in life. And this even get worse every time she remembers the minute her parent’s car explode where she find herself hopeless as she did nothing but go into mind dimension and watched how her parents died! And this is where her life evolves, finding the Russian mobster who killed her family.

                On the first chapter, I got very emotional. I saw the love between father and daughter. They were both into mind dimension, seizing the last 30 minutes of her father’s life. I can never forget her father’s passage, “To live even a few more minutes, to see you, is a treasure”.

           I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars! The writing is very evocative that made even the most mundane details fascinating.  Yet, I do not recommend this to teenagers because of the vulgar words about sex, rape and some intense actions. But I strongly suggest this to adults since it is indeed a fascinating short story which is worth paying a penny.

** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review**