I never expect that this book will be as practical as I never thought it would be. I am very astonished as to how the author successfully narrated the painful experiences of losing someone’s love.

From the title itself, it is very tempting that we should grab and get a copy of this book since it tells us about the reality of life that each and every one of us is afraid of facing off.  This greatest fear of life is the unexpected, expected or sudden death! We obviously fear this dark event of our lives since it means the permanent end of our happiness and the lost of our connection to the ones we love.

Indeed, death is painful, very awful especially if the deceased is your partner. I can say that the moment you will receive a dreadful message about the death of your partner, you will be in denial that what you’ve heard is wrong. You will ask again the messenger if he’s sure of what he is trying to say. Well, this denial is due to shock and confusion. The moment you receive the message, your body will feel numb and you won’t mind anyone around you. It is because; you are feeling so much pain. It is totally normal. Everyone undergoes this painful stage and the challenge is how you are going to overcome this sorrow.   

This book will greatly help you cope with the loneliness, grievances and fear.  This will guide you on how to let go of the dying and accept the severity of the situation and the expected end. In other words, even if how hard the circumstance would be, there will always be a way on how to process it within ourselves and still find something worth living for, even if it’s the slightest thing.

Overall, I rank this book superb! This is very helpful since all of us will undergo this dire stage of our life. I greatly recommend this book to everyone, even if you are not suffering from any loss, it is good that you will have an idea of what will happen during this terrible time of your life.