The basic way on how to be happy is to rule your thoughts and be the master of it!


Human beings can produce almost 40,000 thoughts in a day. We start producing several thoughts by the moment we wake up in the morning. These thoughts might be good to us but surprisingly most of it is draining our energy and power throughout the day and worse, it might affect our entire life. Hence, if you really want to know on how to be happy, you should remember that these thoughts are powerful enough to make or break our positive outlook in life. Thus, we should be very careful on letting these thoughts enter our mind.

I would like to give an example. Let us think of the golfers. Every golfer goes on the tournament with a thought of winning the game. So this is a very good start. Because thinking like a winner means not always having to defeat someone else. It means being able to grow from a situation in which you fail to reach your goal. It involves not demanding perfection from yourself in every single thing you do, but instead, thinking of yourself as perfect and thus capable of growing. It means reminding yourself that perfection doesn't mean staying the same, it means being able to allow yourself to grow. Thinking as a winner means not coming down on yourself; it means refusing to allow self-repudiating thoughts into your head. It involves pushing out the inclination to evaluate yourself in comparison with others, and giving yourself permission to be the unique person you are.

Creating positive thoughts isn’t just mental because it can trigger physical changes making you fitter, slimmer, more energetic and less stressed. Thus having a positive mind helps you live longer. The upshot is that two people could have identical genes and lifestyles but one can end up healthier than the other because the one is having positive thoughts than the other.

Now, if you want to be happy then you must control the thoughts coming in your mind. In reality, life circumstances have little to do with happiness because much happiness is under your control- the product of your outlook on life. Thus happiness is synthetic- you either create it, or you don’t.

Therefore, the key on how to be happy is in you!