I have shared my breastfeeding journey with my first born son. I know how it feels to be a first time mom with all the worries of not having enough milk for your little one. But you know, having enough amount of milk for your baby is not a problem because our body will produce milk base on the demand of the baby. Yes, we will naturally panic because the baby might be hungry already but please relax. Your baby’s stomach is too small yet so it means that your baby only needs few drops of milk. Hence, the first week of your infant is the best time for you to establish your milk and to teach and guide him on how to breastfeed properly.

How to Latch Properly

   Below are the steps I have done in order to help my baby to properly latch on my breast. Yes, the vital part of breastfeeding is the latch. If your baby is not properly latched on to your breast, tendency might be your baby will not get enough amount of milk and you will feel discomfort or pain while breastfeeding him. Next, the baby’s position on how you hold him is also important. So proper latching and correct positioning must be done in order for you to successfully breastfeed your baby.

1.)    Hunger Cues

Infants will show signs that they are hungry by sucking his lip, tongue, finger, or fist. Remember that you must attend to them immediately if you see these signs so that you will not trigger them to cry. If they are crying already, it means that you have to feed them right away but please do not wait till they starts to cry because it will be more difficult to breastfeed them.

How to Latch Properly

2.)    Latching On

Now, as I have said, proper latching is the most vital part on how to breastfeed a baby. And for us to achieve this, we must ensure that we are holding or positioning our babies properly.

·         First, grab a comfortable chair with great back support to feed your baby. This will guarantee that you will not be straining your neck and shoulders even for a longer time.

·         Second, use a breastfeeding pillow. You may use your ordinary pillow but there are also pillows designed for breastfeeding only. I bought mine in SM department store for around 500 pesos only.

·         Third, make sure that your baby is tummy to tummy with you at all times and always bring your baby to you and never lean into the baby because this will strain your neck and shoulders. Also, leaning on them will prevent them to properly suck on our breast.

·         Fourth, ensure that your baby’s nose must be opposite your nipple and his ear, shoulder, and hip must in proper alignment in order for him to swallow easier.

·         Fifth, most of the infant are having a hard time to get your nipple into their mouth. So we have to assist them by holding our breast in a “C” or “U” shape hold and always ensure that our fingers are far from our nipple so that our baby can suck properly.

·         Sixth, when we offer our nipple to our infant, we must make sure that his mouth is wide open so that the will be able to suck most or whole of our areola. If he doesn’t open his mouth wide, try to move back, gently tickle his upper lip with your nipple and wait for him to open his mouth wide.

How to Latch Properly

·         Seventh, in order to ensure that your infant is properly latching on, his chin must be indent on the lower portion of your breast.

   So, you might be wondering now on how to know that your baby is getting the right amount of milk. First, you and your baby must be comfortable while breastfeeding. Second, you must not hear any smacking sound and you must hear your baby’s swallowing. Lastly, you will be assured if he is full and satisfied when you can see your baby’s relaxed look right after he ends latching on your breast and most the time they will smile at you or sometimes fall asleep.

How to Latch Properly

   Take note, breastfeeding must never be a struggle time for you and your baby. It is the best bonding time you could ever have with your baby. And yes, breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for both you and your baby.

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   Congratulations Gorgeous Momma! You are now ready to breastfeed your baby. Just always remember that breastfeeding is the BEST gift you can give to your baby, not just now but until he grows old.