I was very eager to witness the first crawl of my son, Caeden. I remember how supportive I am with Caeden. I kept on watching numerous step by step videos on how to teach a baby to crawl. I followed several advices and even spent dollars on buying equipments that will aid on baby’s crawling. Honestly, it took me around a month to have successfully see Caeden’s first crawl. Well, maybe I was too much to expect that Caeden might start crawling at the age of 4 months. But I guess, you won’t blame me for being very excited because I have seen that Caeden already spent a lot of tummy time which he may start crawling sooner. Just like me, I know you are also looking forward on the first moment that your precious little one will start on crawling towards you.

Before I will start to enumerate several steps that will encourage your baby to crawl, I would like to make it clear that as a mom or as a dad, we must never push our babies to do things that we are excited to see on them. Because every baby has their own milestone which means that this might be different from other babies. So rule number 1 is, “NEVER COMPARE!” Hey! Every baby is totally different. One baby might start crawling at the age of 4 months but another baby might not yet ready to crawl. All we have to do is continue on encouraging and supporting them. And never show them our disappointment.

As seen in the video above, my little boy started to crawl by encouraging him to reach his favourite toy. Actually, that toy has a sound every time it is being moved so I guess, Caeden got more interested on its sound. On that video, Caeden was around 6 months when he explored crawling around. But hey, as I have said, if your baby is older than 6 months and hasn’t begun to crawl yet, there’s no need to worry. Some babies who are heavier learn to crawl later because they have more trouble supporting their bodies, while some other babies skip the crawling phase and move on straight to walking (but this seldom happens so please stop worrying).

Now, I have listed below several ways on how to teach your baby to crawl. 

1.)    Let your baby have more tummy time

                For example, most babies are fond of sleeping on their back so by the time that they awake, let them have some tummy time. This is very important because this is let them practice on raising their head off the ground, which strengthens their trunk and back and gets their limbs moving freely.

2.)    Refrain on putting your babies in walker and bouncers

                                This will not encourage them to explore and start moving/ crawling.

3.)    Support your baby

                Like in the video shown, I motivated Caeden by letting him his favorite toy. Another trick is placing a mirror on the floor in front of your baby because when babies see their reflection in the mirror; this will encourage them to crawl.

4.)    Offer them a comfortable area

                  You may set up an area in your living room by placing a lot colourful toys around and make sure that your baby is safe to move around.

5.)    Go Mommy! Crawl with your baby

                For me, this is the most interesting and the most fun time because babies love to follow their mommy’s movement. So go ahead! Show your little one how to crawl.

Hey mommy! You are doing a great job. I would like to remind you that these are just ways that might encourage your baby to crawl. Just try to follow every step and always have a positive outlook on your baby. Always remember, be patient and never let disappointment ruin the bonding time with your precious little one.

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  1. effective feeding is more than just putting the nipples into the baby's mouth. It is more about
    controlling the flow and ensuring the baby takes in a good amount of milk and not get asleep. This guide is a nice representation of what it takes to do that.

    1. Hi Charlice! Thank you for your input on breastfeeding. Indeed breastfeeding is a unique journey for every mom. In order to effectively breastfeed our little one, we must have a great connection with our baby.