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Yes, I strongly admit that you wanted to lose postpartum weight. I can say that this won't happen in just a week of sacrificing carbohydrates, sweets and fast foods. It takes weeks and a lot of effort for you to be able to reach your desired weight. But please don't feel frustrated and don't ever feel that the fast ways to lose weight after pregnancy is totally IMPOSSIBLE because it only requires your EVERYDAY DEDICATION and CONSISTENCY.

The urgency to lose weight fast after pregnancy is quite normal for every woman. Honestly, questions like how do celebrities lose weight fast after pregnancy certainly cross our mind because it is really astonishing how celebrities lose their weight in just a span of little time.

Now, as a mother, I would like to reiterate that our ultimate goal after giving birth to our precious baby is for him to be healthy hence we must try our best to breastfeed him. Yes, breastfeeding is the BEST option because aside from the fact that your baby is healthy, indeed it is also true that you are losing weight while breastfeeding. Therefore, if we are breastfeeding our baby, we must not RESTRICT ourselves from eating HEALTHY FOOD. This means that we have to eat vegetables and fruits, take enough protein and all the lactating food. By that said, you might be thinking now of how can I lose weight fast after pregnancy when I have to eat and eat. Well, it only takes a proper discipline.

I am not a nutritionist or a licensed dietitian hence I strongly suggest that you must consult your doctor first before trying any means of losing weight especially when you are breastfeeding your little one. For me, the following essentials below were helpful when I was losing weight while breastfeeding my son.

1. Lose Weight Fast with Water - it is great that you will take more glasses of water from time to time. Let us say, 12 glasses of water a day. But in my case, I drink up to 16 glasses each day because water will help you burn more calories and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals. It will help you feel full. Most importantly, for breastfeeding moms, it will help you produce more milk.

2. VEGETABLES and FRUITS- eating vegetables for losing postpartum weight while breastfeeding is a smart idea. They are low in calories, contain rich of vitamins and minerals, and will surely fill you up with more fibre and water.

After a month of giving birth, I started eating more vegetables but still consume small amount of meat specifically chicken and fish. I prefer eating more and more vegetables every meal because it makes me full with less guilt on taking too much carbs and calories. For example, at breakfast, I eat “sinabawang malunggay with a sliced of tuna” and I pair it with 1 banana. Now, you would probably wonder how this will make me full. Well, this will make me survive because after having my breakfast, I drink 2 full glasses of water. This is actually my trick to make me stop craving for more food. So I continually drink more glasses of water until time for lunch. For my lunch, I’ll have “Pakbet and a sliced of fried fish”. Yes, it has a little bit of oil since you have to fry it but this would work. Then I’ll have a sliced of mango. After which, I would again drink 2 full glasses of water. For my merienda, I sometimes eat avocado with milk or make a fruit smoothie. Then lastly for dinner, I’ll eat “Laswa” and another banana.

Now, you would probably feel deprived from eating sweets. Well yes, for the first few weeks. Probably around 5 to 6 weeks, try not to eat sweets. Of course, sweets would literally lift our mood and make us feel happy, but it has proven to increase our waistline and undeniably make our weight higher. BUT what if you really can't stop yourself from craving it that you will make you feel totally insane? Well in that case, you may take some sweets but just have a small bite it. Just like me, I am a sweet tooth person so it means that without sweets my life would be dull. But I was so proud of myself that I never pinch or bite a little slice of cake and chocolates because it saddens me more to see and feel my heavy weight. But believe me, sacrificing sweets for 2 months is very rewarding.Like in my case, I religiously eat only vegetables and fruits for 2 months. And it is really fulfilling on my part since I lost a lot of kilos. It is around 8 to 10 kilos. And the good thing about it, I never felt hungry. Meaning I ate the right amount of food. So after checking my new weight, I felt that I deserve a reward. I rewarded myself with a buffet of sweets.

It is not bad that you will spoil yourself after achieving your ultimate goal. You deserve it! Because it is more tragic if you will deprived yourself for a very long time. Later on, you will realize that depriving yourself will only make it hard to lose those postpartum weight. So learn on how to balance your diet.

Ooops! I forgot, to share with you that I did not eat rice. Honestly, until now that my son is already 2 years old, I still don't eat rice. But to be honest, sometimes I can't resist from eating rice especially when the viand is LECHON and BULALO which is really good to eat with RICE!!! But then again, I have to control my rice intake because it will surely increase my weight!!! I just eat rice for special occasions and I have to make sure that only for very very very SPECIAL OCCASIONS and NO EXCUSES! ***lol***

Before I would end my losing weight journey, I strongly suggest especially for new moms that you MUST breastfeed your baby because aside from the fact that breast milk is the best food for babies, you must always remember that breastfeeding is considered as the natural way of helping new mom's lose their baby weight. This is because the more you breastfeed your baby, the more calories you burn. With that said, please take time to read some simple steps on how to breastfeed a baby. This will help you to successfully reach your desired weight goal while making sure that your baby is healthy, happy and satisfied.

Please feel free to comment below and ask me anything. I am 100% willing and dedicated on helping you with your LOSING POSTPARTUM WEIGHT journey.

Just always remember, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for a DEDICATED and CONSISTENT individual! Therefore, your question on how to lose weight fast after pregnancy, must not a problem.

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