As a first-time mother, you may find the experience of caring for your infant overwhelming especially when they begin moving around and getting filled with energy.

How to take care of an infant

Here are some infant care tips:

> Feeding 

               - Your infant often cries to indicate that he's hungry so make sure you are just beside him most of the time so you could attend to him immediately. Always bear in mind that the time of feeding may vary and so will his appetite, as he grows. 

               - Ensure you have stored enough breast milk when you decide to go on work or you have to leave the house. And if you are feeding your baby with powdered milk, make sure you will not run out of stock.  

               - Keep in mind, as your infant grows he starts to become more active, and the odds are that you might have to get times up to feed your infant. 


              - As your baby begins to grow, his nervous system begins to develop, thus he'll cry more. So if you had been under the impression that babies usually go to sleep right after you feed him, think again because as the nervous system develops, your baby's cognitive capabilities will begin to improve as well. In that case, he will be able to respond to the surroundings around him, and to identify you which mean that you can now entertain your baby when he cries because it is true that a voice of a mother can calm down a howling baby. So when he starts bawling, you must cuddle, sing, or gently rock him until he settles down again. 

Furthermore, there are some developmental milestones that you might wish to witness during the second month of your baby. As your baby’s nervous system begins to kick in, he'll be capable to notice you and even recognized your odour as his senses starts to improve. Remember external stimuli like loud noises are bound to be frightening so make certain that the noise level on the room is kept to a bare minimum. As his vision improves so will his interaction with everything and everybody around. You might want to try holding a toy out to him to promote rolling over to his tummy.

 In addition, the most important infant care tip you should always keep in track is your infant’s weight and height. You must check it continuously in order to see if he is within the normal range.

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