The moment you realize you are pregnant, that is the start of everything. I mean EVERYTHING!!! Not just the happy moments but also the time you would feel unwanted, ignored and deprived. Yes, pregnancy is not just a happy feeling of waiting for that precious one to come out but also facing the reality of a 9-month challenge. You are lucky enough if you have found the best partner that is ready to embrace all the sudden changes you will encounter and together you will both accept it with open arms. And sad if you got the worst partner who will just leave you behind and still choose to satisfy his wants. As you can see, partner is very important because he will be the one who would lift you up whenever you feel that you are no longer yourself. Say, his simple gesture of tapping your back, a little squeeze on your hand and a kiss on your cheek will give you an assurance that everything is doing fine.

What do you really expect during pregnancy? Honestly, a lot of unexpected depression and of course limitless overwhelming excitement. For vain women, you have to get ready for the physical changes such as the burgeoning belly, small bumps forming in the area around your nipples, thighs and hips getting bigger and sometimes a noticeable hyper pigmentation. It is totally normal that even if how happy you are for the growing baby bump, you will slightly feel uncomfortable since you are not get used to your changing appearance. Plus, you would feel several discomforts such as having tender breasts that makes you easily annoyed when accidentally touched. You would also experience frequent urination because your blood volume increases during pregnancy, putting increased pressure on your kidneys. Also, later in pregnancy the weight of the baby on your bladder increases the pressure, making you feel like you always have to go to the bathroom. Furthermore, you would feel some pain in the lower abdomen as the ligaments and tendons throughout your body stretch in order to accommodate the growing baby and to allow the baby out during labor.

Well these are the facts of pregnancy. It is not about growing your belly and still looking hot and sexy. This is letting the little pumpkin rent the space in your tummy and leave some stretch marks after he goes out. Hence, this is the moment where you need to be surrounded by the people who truly care and love you. These are the people who would know and feel that you are feeling insecure, uncomfortable and tired even if you will not tell them. These are the people where you can be yourself and no need of pretensions just to please them. This is your moment. You must be the one who is pampered and well loved! 


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This is not your usual suspense movie. It has a blend of horrifying scenarios that gives you not only goose bumps but also a sudden feeling of heart attack.

I am very much moved with this movie since I am also a mother of two boys. While I was watching, I felt the every stress, remorse, worries and anger that Karla Dyson had towards the goons. From the moment she called his son then no replied, I felt the rash of adrenaline in my body. I was terrified of the thought that Frankie has lost his way in park or the worst was that somebody took him. And the last worst thought has really happened. Karla saw the big woman forcing his son to get inside the Mustang car. From that moment on, Karla started to chase the kidnappers.

I did feel the misery of Karla while she was hounding the goons. I sympathize how helpless Karla was and how eager she wanted to get and embrace his son. She was left with no choice but just to keep on speeding and pushing herself to limit in order to save Frankie. She even doesn’t have a cellular phone where she can call 911 for help and doesn’t have a time to wait for the police to come over and rescue her son. She chose to hunt the kidnappers on her own despite of all the challenges she has faced.

This movie showed different abilities of a mother in pursue of his son. You will be in awe as you witness how a mother can sacrifice her life in order to save her dearest child. You can really say that mothers are real superheroes.

After watching this movie, I longed to hold my son and wished that I can have him in my arms forever. This is how good the movie is! Therefore, I highly recommend the parents to watch this movie. It will certainly give you a lot of realizations.


Breastfeeding journey is never as easy as how everybody thinks about it.

In my experience, my little one had a difficulty on learning how to properly latch on my breast. The breastmilk was all over his face yet he doesn't get the right amount of it. I was worried because he kept on crying and I can already sense how hungry he is. Hence, I was tempted to grab a formula milk in order to satisfy his hunger yet I am so blessed to have a supportive family who lifted my spirit and gave me more strength to continue my breastfeeding journey. It was really hard! I remember that my nipples were already sore because I have to pull it out using the syringes. In that way, my baby will express the milk easier. It actually took me and my baby roughly 1 week to properly learn how to latch.

My patience, endurance and determination made me a succesful breastfeeding mom and I am very proud of it. My baby, Caeden Shan, is turning 2 years old few weeks from now and he is still breastfed. And now, I can say that he is an expert nurser since he drinks milk more efficiently.

Breastfeeding is a great achievement for every mom. It doesn't only give our baby the best and complete nutrients but also comfort. Breastfeeding can work wonders when our baby is hurt, sad, sick, or even when he is upset because I can attest that nursing is a great tantrum-tamer.

KUDOS to all breastfeeding moms!