There are dozens of items that could help you get through breastfeeding. One of it is the breastfeeding pillow that is very helpful especially on the first few months. Though breastfeeding is not expensive, still you have to invest on some things that will aid you on feeding your baby. Especially for first time moms, you need to invest on good quality items that will last for a lifetime. These are the items that you could still use on your second or fifth baby.


A portion of these things just make nursing simpler and increasingly agreeable; others are basic things to go to in the event that you experience any breastfeeding difficulties. As you're most likely learning, there are such a significant number of breastfeeding items out there, and it very well may be overpowering to consider which you really need and which may simply sit in a wardrobe gathering dust. Try not to stress—we're here to help!

Here is a rundown of the most valuable things nursing mothers should think about buying, why they're useful, how they are utilized, and in what circumstances you may wind up requiring them.

Breastfeeding Pillow

Breastfeeding Pillow

This is a big comfy pillow shaped like the letter C. Just wrap it around your waist like an oversized belt, sit down, and set your little one on top of it to latch. Using the breastfeeding pillow brings your baby up to a more comfortable feeding level so that you don’t have to crumple or strain your neck. Later, as your baby grows and learns how to sit up, you can place him inside the breastfeeding pillow. It will support his back so he doesn’t flop all over like a sock puppet. Furthermore, breastfeeding pillows comes in different prints and colors that will surely catch your baby’s attention.

Hence, you just have to look for a nursing cushion that is not very hard, not very delicate, and made of material that can suit diverse breastfeeding positions. You will probably just need one breastfeeding cushion, however a few mothers like to have more than one around as a back-up.

Lanolin Cream

Lanolin Cream
Lanolin Cream

Practically all nursing mothers experience sore nipples from time to time. Lanolin cream can be exceptionally useful to saturate, mitigate, and recuperate dry, broke, sore nipples.

Lanolin Cream is a very dense lotion which is derived from sheep’s wool and is great to prevent and relieve dry, cracked nipples, if you’re not allergic to wool. But there are numerous assortments of lanolin creams out there and it tends to be hard to know which one to pick. Therefore, you may need to attempt a couple of assortments to perceive what works best for you.

Keep in mind that the best cure for cracked nipples is breast milk, which you simply rub on the wound. Mother Nature thinks of everything!

Nursing Bras

The best time to buy your nursing bras is during your last month of pregnancy.

Find a salesperson who knows what she's doing, who can measure you, estimate how much you may grow, and educate you about the nursing bras. For example, there are the kinds that snap from the inner corners, ones that snap from the top, and the ones that are built right into clothing.

Now I suggest that you buy three nursing bras: one to wear, one for your drawer, and one for the laundry. Because milk leakage can be a problem the first few months of nursing, they will need to be washed frequently. 

Nursing Pads

Nursing cushions, additionally called bosom cushions, are permeable circle like cushions that can be placed inside your bra to absorb any milk that spills from your breast. These are soft and absorbent pads. They will surely absorb leaks so it doesn’t look like your boobs are sweating. Despite the fact that not all ladies spill (and not spilling doesn't mean you aren't delivering enough milk!), it is really normal, particularly in the first few months that you are still building up your milk supply.

You may worry on spilling at some occasions and the spilling can be ample and untidy. Here's the reason that nursing cushions will definitely save and comfort you.

You can either buy dispensable or reusable fabric nursing cushions. Whichever you pick, you'll need to have many available especially on the first few weeks; you'll likely experience a few cushions every day. Please note that you can also purchase nursing pads that has lanolin built right in.

Breastfeeding Clothes

At some point when you are in town with your baby, you need to wear simple clothes that will help you easily feed your baby. For example, you may wear nursing tanks, shirts, and dresses intended for breastfeeding ladies that has folds or cuts in the front so you can breastfeed without pulling it up.

Nursing garments are accessible in an assortment of styles, from easy-going to expert to formal wear. Breastfeeding attire has truly advanced throughout the years to incorporate huge amounts of adorable and hip styles which can surely fit your personal option.

You just need a couple of good nursing tanks, since you can wear these under any shirt for discrete access.

Breast Pump

Breast Pump
Manual Breast Pump

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, you may want a breast pump. Not only it can relieve engorgement, but you can pump and store bottles so that Daddy can help with feedings, or so that you can go to the market and linger over nutritional labels. Also, it is a great deal for an overabundant milk supply or increment your milk supply.

You may choose to buy the manual breast pump or you may want the more convenient electrical breast pump. Well, what fits you more is not a problem. Just know that the manual breast pump is less expensive compared to the electrical one.

Manual pump

This pump is operated by the power of your hand or foot. It's good if you only need to express a little bit of milk to relieve engorgement or to make the occasional bottle. The downfall of the manual pump is that you can only pump one breast at a time.

Handheld battery-operated pump

This is basically a manual pump without the manual part since it operates on batteries. It still only pumps one breast at a time and is usually much slower than an electric pump. Again, it is only good for occasional pumping since the motor isn't very strong.

Electric pump

This is designed for fast, double pumping so that your breasts get in and out of there as quickly as possible. It is the most expensive of all pumps but if you plan to pump long and often, this one will make your life easier.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Breast pumps are like automobiles that come with many options. The less you pay, the less you get. There's speed control, suction control, automatic cycling, two-phase pumps, breast shield design, and power source options. 

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, I suggest that you buy a breast pump. Believe me, once you have a baby, you will realize how relaxing and enjoyable a supermarket is when you don’t have a screaming kid with you.

Plastic storage bags for pumped milk

Milk Storage
Bottle Milk Storage

Breast milk storage bags and containers are specially made for the collection and storage of breast milk. They are necessities for anyone who plans on pumping their milk. These products are designed to withstand freezing and thawing, and can safely store your milk for long periods of time.

  •       If you place your pumped milk in a room temperature, your baby must consume it within 3 hours.
  •          If you place your pumped milk in a refrigerator, your baby must consume it within 24 hours.
  •           If you place your pumped milk in a freezer, this will last for 3 to 4 months.

Now, if you plan on returning to work, you will likely need a large number of breast milk storage containers (plan on pumping and storing 3-4 times per day, or every 2-3 hours). You can start with a smaller supply, though, and purchase more as you begin to get into your routine and understand your needs more fully.
Milk Storage
Bottle Milk Storage

Bottle Warmer

After you pumped your milk and stored it in bags, you need a way to warm it up back up again. You could surely do it on the stove with some warm water, but why should you when you can buy an electrical gizmo to do the job for you? They even make bottle warmers in travel size so you can warm up a bottle while you’re on the go.


This is really important especially after washing your baby’s feeding bottles and breast pump. This will help you feel confident that your breastfeeding supplies are free of bacteria and is hundred 
percent clean.

Baby Sling

The sling is a great place to nurse your baby, especially when you need to use your hands to do other things. The sling is so relaxing that sometimes your baby might fall asleep inside of it.

So, there are a lot of things you might want to check out first aside from having a Breastfeeding Pillow. 

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