A heart-whelming story... A must watch movie!

            I strongly encourage everyone to watch the Film “The Mission” by Robert Bolt. It focuses on Jesuit missionaries who were expanding their missionary ventures in South America and showed an unconditional love of Jesuits towards the Guaranis. The film inspired us to reflect upon the experiences of Father Gabriel and Father Rodrigo who fell in love with a community and ended up defending it to death.

What keeps a Real Estate industry growing?

In Philippines specifically in Davao City, Real Estate industry is saturated due to presence of many organizations. Although these organizations have different fields of focus, they still compete in several areas. I can say that this is a healthy competition because it helps the organizations to find a better marketing strategy that would make their clients value them more.

Why does some business FAIL?

    Marketing myopia depicts the shortsightedness approach to marketing that focuses on the needs of the company rather than defining the company and its products in terms of the customer’s needs and wants. This myopic culture would pave the way for a business not to succeed. It showed that the mindset of a firm that they are in a “growth industry” leads to contentment and fails to entertain the knowledge of what really the customers want.

Mall Attractiveness and Shopping Preferences in Davao City

                A study conducted regarding on what variables attract shoppers to a mall. This study helps the shopping malls on how to position their retailing strategies. The positioning strategy is based from the shopping habits and demographic characteristics of shoppers. The five major malls in Davao City, namely: Gaisano Mall of Davao, Gaisano South Citimall, NCCC Mall of Davao, SM City Davao, and Victoria Plaza are the malls used in the study for investigation.

How to be Successful

Being Successful is not as HARD as you think...

READ IT and your chances of success may even go UP!


    I highly recommend everyone to read this book who teaches us about success. "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell reveals the reality that being successful doesn't totally mean that we have to be the brightest nor we have to produce the best decisions and give a lot of efforts rather success is a gift. Outliers are those people who have given opportunities and who have had the confidence and presence of mind to seize them thus it made them successful.

Banana- Mango-Yogurt smoothie

Having a hectic schedule feels like there’s no more time for healthy eating. You find it hassle to think what food to have for snacks in between work. It is probably tempting to go the quick and easy way to prepare food such as cup of instant noodles, fries, burger and chips. Because of instant foods yummy taste, it replaces your proper healthy meals.

Friday Madness

Should I say Thank God it’s Friday? Or better yet, Gosh it’s Friday again! Most of the people start their week looking forward for Friday. But me, I start the week hoping that Friday will never come. For some, Friday is the most awaited day of the week since everybody gets to relax and enjoy on weekends…

A Stunning Looks

This is how I look during the launching of our PONTE VERDE DAVAO project held at SMX Lanang, Davao City. I wore this body hugging black dress, with a gloomy look make-up and a messy hairstyle. My get up was paired with a shining diamond accessory, a golden bracelet and a black high heel shoes.

Driving my HONDA FIT

    Here’s my Honda, my friend my protection. His name is Diet. It took me for about two months to finally bring diet with me in the office. Yes, it’s really true that driving isn't that easy. You really need to be passionate on learning the basics of driving manual before you can finally move. But luckily, diet is an automatic car where I can easily hang out with because you only have to step on the break and the gas pedals.