Circle Inn- Bacolod

Are you feeling stressed out, bored of the monotonous work and always not in your best mood? Why not break the routine and go on a vacation? You need time to relax, recharge and reflect! Forget about the hassles of the day and even just for a while, stop chasing deadlines for submission of reports. Leave it all behind!

It is not good to keep on working and worrying about struggles in life. It will only make you sick and miserable. Or worse, you will just notice that one day, you are already unproductive and no longer producing quality results. So have a break, pack up and try to visit the City of Smiles!

This is exactly what I did few days ago. I went to Bacolod which is an hour away from Iloilo City by ferryboat. Without a second thought, I stayed in deluxe room in Circle Inn Hotel & Suites in Bacolod.

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The deluxe room has veranda and direct pool access where I had a relaxing dip while sipping a glass of chocolate milkshake.

I really enjoyed my room because aside from the comfort it gives, it also offers a lot of amenities that made my stay more memorable. Some of which are the free high speed WIFI internet access, ref and mini- bar with free self- service coffee and tea, and their queen size bed with high- end beddings and duvet blankets.

They offered a savoury international cuisine at a very reasonable price. And also serves smoothies, coffee blends, ice creams and cakes in their coffee shop.

Breaded Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce


Moist Chocolate Cake

I had a great experience staying in this hotel. Indeed, they are one of the quietest and spacious hotels in the City of Smiles. They gave me the perfect amount of rest and relaxation to start working again.

Why Men Marry BITCHES

Own this book and be that special one he can't live without.

Grab your copy now! 


I remember how I tried to call several bookstores in search for this book. Most of the stores were out of stock and doesn't know when would be the arrival of the next batch. But after hours of calling, finally one shop claimed that they still have one copy left! I immediately reserved the book and promised the lady that I will be in their shop as soon as possible.

This book is best for women who want to walk down the aisle. But also perfect for wives who want to add some spice in their marriage life.

When I bought this book, I was still single yet in a new relationship, perhaps around three months. This wasn't my first as I've gone into several relationships which did not work! Maybe because I have some self issues that needs to be fixed. Thus, when I heard about “Why Men Marry Bitches”, I felt the need of reading it!

The word bitch in this book doesn't mean nasty or immoral woman. This pertains to a strong woman who is secure of herself, a woman who calls her own shots, specifically a “Babe in Total Control of Herself”. This is the opposite of a needy woman and the very nice girl who always gives in.

Some of “Sherry’s Relationship Principles” that I love most were principles 12, 26 and 28.

Be that mysterious woman! Never give him a hint that he has you. Do not be too obvious that you are totally 100 percent hooked. Always keep him thinking until you engender that overwhelming feeling of attraction that is necessary for him to want to marry you.

Never give up your “me” time and just continue doing and enjoying your hobbies. Because when he knows that he has been neglected, he will do anything just to get your attention.

Keep on moving and he will keep on chasing after you!

So be that woman! Be confident, win his heart, and get the love and respect you deserve!

FOREVER 21 Gift Card

Oh how I love shopping...

    I'm feeling grateful to have these Forever 21 gift cards. I got to enjoy shopping without worrying on being bankrupt.

The First Phone Call from Heaven


    Do you believe in miracle? Are you longing that one day, someone who is already dead will call you? What if they do? What would you feel? Will you tell everybody that a miracle has just happened to you? Or will you just keep it in yourself and live your life always waiting for that someone to call back? This sounds strange but this has really happened in a small town of Coldwater, Michigan. Several people kept on receiving a call from heaven which happens every Friday. As news spreads, outsiders immediately drove to Coldwater to be part of this miracle.

Phuket, Thailand


I can say that Phuket is paradise because it made us relaxed, got to see breathtaking sceneries, experienced the cold sea breeze and enjoyed reggae songs while sitting along the seashore and having a glass of the best thai wine in town.

The Maze Runner


    What will you feel when you suddenly woke up in a metal box with no memory of who you are? The only thing you remember is your name and nothing more. Then suddenly, the metal box opened and you hear a bunch of boys saying weird things… How scared will you feel? What will you do? Perhaps you’ll wish you would wake up from this terrible dream.

Yellow Gate Adventure Resort

Yellow Gate Adventure Resort which is also known as Santo NiƱo of the Woods is located along the road going to Buda- Cagayan de Oro. The resort is on the highest point that ranges 4,280 feet above sea level. 

Lake Agco- Mahomanoy, Mountain Resort

    I had a fantastic holiday in Lake Agco- Mahomanoy, Mountain Resort located in Ilomavis Kidapawan, North Cotabato. The resort is 3,937 ft. above sea level. I have experienced the freezing mountain breeze and have seen the fogs everywhere the resort.

How would you persuade a customer to signup and pay for your product?



    I believe that in dealing with customers; always look for their ultimate needs or their priorities. In order to know their needs, you should listen carefully to what your customer is saying and gather the important facts in order for you to formulate questions which will help you fully understand their needs.

A Little Bit About Me

    I was wondering of how I should describe myself. I am thinking of fascinating things about me…
But not all is mesmerizing as I want it to be! Just to state the facts, I graduated as an Industrial Engineer

Meeting my Genie

    Everyone dreams of finding a magic lamp with a genie inside, and here I am so lucky to have a genie popped out in front of me.
I feel pressured and overwhelmed but I have to think clearly of three things that are worth living in my entire life. This is just once in a lifetime opportunity and I must be wise on choosing the three wishes. There were so many wishes came into my mind but I have to narrow it down. After an hour of writing down my wishes, I finally chose three best wishes.